Migraland. A project of community theater with people of immigrant origin living in Salt

The Social Work of La Caixa is at the head of the program Art for a Social Improvement, with the aim of using art and culture as tools for social transformation. This program is articulated around different cultural activities led by an artist, where socially fragile groups participate in the creative process with the objective of improving the personal development, social inclusion and cohesion and the community’s social regeneration. Continue reading


Integration through dance

Taking dance and movement as a creation element, these workshops invites people with functional diversity (physically disabled), non-professional, with and without dancing experience to create from the difference, to be surprised at the singularity of the other one, to reinvent our way of being in the world, to create our relationships. That’s why we incorporate dance professionals with or without disabilities into our workshops.

Dance expresses and communicates through the movement. Dance is broadened with new movements when our body explains different stories in different creation fields, with different capacities: we find a communication language from the possibilities offered by the diversity of their body, mind, culture and experience. We will learn to discover dance from a wheelchair, from the floor, from blindness, from the contact with others, from music and from the experience and expression through the movement. We all learn from all. Continue reading

The Alzheimer’s CCCB program

The Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona has created the Alzheimer’s CCCB project, a stable initiative by the Museum Educational Department dedicated to people with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers.

The Centre doesn’t have a specific program about accessibility, after discovering the MOMA program; we have decided to dedicate the effort in this collective. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of senile dementia in Europe.

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Museum, a place for all

Museum, a place for all is a long term programm of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya in involving adults with cerebral palsy, learning difficulties and mental disorders in the museum.

Museum, a place for all is a programm for museum non-users or for all those people who can’t visit on their own. The programm has the commitment and collaborates with other cultural, educational and social institutions in widening the access of people to culture. Thus the museum becomes a promotor of participation that contributes to the develompment of strategies to eliminate physical, communication’s and relationship’s barriers and to avoid any kind of social, cultural, physical, cognitive, economic and sensorial exclusion. Continue reading