Guide us into arts

The objective of the GUIA project is the exchange of experiences, knowledge and methodology in artistic activities with people with disabilities. The project gathers people with disabilities and all people who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in working with them using artistic tools. The project includes international inclusive workshops and artistic creativity festivals for people with disabilities.

Six partner meetings were held during the Project. They included the following:

  • Practical artistic workshops (theatre, dance and music ones)
  • Public performances – short festivals
  • Meetings dedicated to discussion and to the definition of methodology used during workshops, artistic means during the performance, the exchange of experiences and remarks.

• The Rakowiec Cultural centre, the subsidiary of OKO (the Cultural Centre of District of Ochota), Warsaw, Poland
• Community centre De Zeyp, Brussels, Belgium
• Joy of Sound, London, England
• Tresnjevka Cultural Centre, Zagreb, Croatia
• The Inventura Association, Prague, Czech Republic
• Theatric e.V., Emden, Germany
• Arts and Disability Forum, Belfast, Northern Ireland
• Asociatia de Cultura si Educatie ALTEEA, Bucharest, Romania
• Sait Ulusoy School of Special Education and Job Training Center, Ankara, Turkey

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