Eclèctic. Festival of arts performing from the disability. Tarragona

In May of 2013 was the third edition of the eclectic arts festival from disability, driven by four theater groups linked to organizations of persons with disabilities (from cerebral palsy to cognitive disabilities, from visual impairment to mental illness ), and the areas of Culture and Equality Policy of the Council of Tarragona, hosting a total of 15 performances .

Eclectic is part of a strategy to promote citizenship and is based on the following beliefs:

Multiplicity: We value a multitude of aspects: first, artistic and cultural, but also therapeutic, rehabilitative, recreational, socializing, traveling and above all, life.

Made cultural normalization: Attempt to be a small cultural movement in the city, transferring the walls of the theater and organizations to take places, and seeking an interested audience beyond the sector, even as the pace respect of each of the parties.

Providing aesthetic: the artistic element can become a disability, as they are kind and values ​​like beauty, similarity, grace, expressiveness.

Therefore, the theme of the last year was:

Claiming mimesis,

Escapist catharsis,

Looking more beautiful

Romà Solé, Specialist of the Municipal Service of Disability. Tarragona Town Council

Cristina Salazar, Educational psychologist and actress of the company Al Trot Teatre


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