Apropa Cultura


It’s a socioeducative program of social inclusion through culture coordinated by the L’Auditori.

It’s for social centers and associations who work with people in risk of social exclusion.

It facilitates access to these groups to the public and usual programme of the now 30 auditoriums, theaters and festivals members of the program with a reduced price of only 3 euros. And this year we have incorporated museums to the programm.

For the social center, the cultural offer of all those institutions is all together at the website www.apropacultura.cat.

For the cultural institutions, AC is a tool to articulate their Social Responsibility strategy and also a possibility to exchange knowledge and good practices. Another way of building bridges between the cultural and social worlds is through TRAINING, both for the staff of the cultural institutions and for the social educators.

To go beyond the occupation of a seat, institutions are beginning to develop workshops and participative activities (with or without audiences), following the experience of the L’Auditori.

OPEN ALL AREAS BARCELONA // Sonia Gainza on Vimeo.

Sonia Gainza

Director of Apropa Cultura and responsible for L’Auditori Apropa


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