The socio-educative project of L’Auditori

We will explain how the Educational Service of L’Auditori was born, and how from there on and in its 13 years of existence of the department, the educational and social values have set in the institution, so that now they have become an issue present in all the programs that we do.

We will explain our vision of what education means, what we understand as disability, how we address integration, how music influences in education and the growth of the human being, how we design activities valid for all audiences…

And to understand this way of doing, we will present four projects:

  • Concerts for all audiences
  • Cantania, participative activity with children from 8 to 12 years old
  • It’s your turn, participatory activity with orchestra and children of musical projects for integration
  • A morning with orchestra, an activity for groups with mental disability

At you will find more information on these projects and the specific actions.

Assumpció Malagarriga

Head of L’Auditori:Educa



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