Migraland. A project of community theater with people of immigrant origin living in Salt

The Social Work of La Caixa is at the head of the program Art for a Social Improvement, with the aim of using art and culture as tools for social transformation. This program is articulated around different cultural activities led by an artist, where socially fragile groups participate in the creative process with the objective of improving the personal development, social inclusion and cohesion and the community’s social regeneration.

Within this framework and in collaboration with the Town Council of Salt and the Festival Temporada Alta, we have come forward with a community theater project for people of immigrant origins from Salt, a city with more than 40% population from abroad. The project is directed by the scene director and dramatist Alex Rigola, current art director of the Theater Biennale of Venice, and is participated by 15 people who have been working during 3 months in the creative process, and who will present the show Migraland on the 30 November within the Festival Temporada Alta, one of the main Spanish theater festivals.


Glòria Cid Gerlach

Responsible of the program Art for Social Improvement

Fundació La Caixa

Anunci Migranland.pdf


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