Raval Zirkus

Raval Zirkus is an artistic project based on the circus discipline to generate learning dynamics, stimulate the creativity and commitment between participants, with the objective to claim the arts as driving force for social cohesion.

The results will be visible within the Major Feast of Raval.

This Project was born from the deep reflection following the experience of the Cultural Association The City of Words in the Raval, started 15 years ago. The other motor that drives our project is the commitment with our social setting in putting art within everyday life.

On one hand, we set up a small circus school by Desastrosus Circus (Ateneu de Nou Barris) that approaches the circus disciplines to children and youth of the neighbourhood. On the other hand, we have the special and rewarding collaboration of the company Un Circo al Sol from Uruguay, winner of the special prize of the Arts Founds of its country, who participates in our Feast in the street parade that gives its opening shot and with a trapeze show at the Rambla del Raval.

Both initiatives were very successful, but in evaluating the needed effort for this kind of projects, we realised that in the present situation, the duration and involvement in this project should have a continuity so that children do not have to wait a year for a short circus workshop or show.

With Desastrosus Circus we have been talking for the past year about the importance of continuity in the dynamics promoted by circus as a tool for compromise and collective growth. We drink from their experience at Nou Barris and the circus schools like New World Circus at countries like Chile and Uruguay.



Artistic institutions of the Raval that participated at The City of Words: CCCB, MACBA, ICUB, schools, libraries, …

Local circus projects and groups: Ateneu de Nou Barris, Circ Cric, Clows without Borders

International circus projects and groups: Circo del mundo, Circ du Soleil, Tohu, Un Circo al Sol

General Objectives

· Involvement of artists and cultural institutions with the neighbourhood.

· To generate a basic model as guarantee to the continuity and organic growth of the project.

· Both contextualisation and the process and results are part of a creative process that means to give tools to children and youth of the Raval to stimulate compromise, group work and getting to common objectives.

· Claim the public space as a meeting and creative learning place.

· Through the circus arts, to promote specific objectives related to educational plans and other social projects of the neighbourhood.

OPEN ALL AREAS BARCELONA – Macarena González de Vega on Vimeo.

Macarena González de Vega


Almazen seu de l´Ass. Cultural La Ciutat de Les Paraules


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