Accessibility in the Maritime Museum of Barcelona: Two projects

In the conference I want to explain two accessibility projects of the Maritime Museum:

The first is a project about sea food cooking that we are doing with women of different cultures that are living in the Raval quarter, that have two important goals:

§ To create a relationship of TRUST an EXCHANGE between WOMEN from the RAVAL QUARTER and the MMB,

§ To empower this groups of women as AMBASSADORS of their countries’ culture.

We pretend collect recipes of SEA FOOD COOKING from the different women groups to make an online cookbook, and include this recipes in the Museum restaurant menus.

The second project connects teenagers, old people and maritime culture. The aim is that young people make an exhibition about how Catalan people have enjoyed the beach over the last 50 years with the help of old people, and to do in a Geriatric Day Center. After the inauguration, teenagers will do guided tours to the exhibition for seniors.

ALL OPEN AREAS BARCELONA // Mireia Mayolas on Vimeo.

Mireia Mayolas Créixams

Head of Education and Activities Area

Museu Marítim de Barcelona


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