Museum, a place for all

Museum, a place for all is a long term programm of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya in involving adults with cerebral palsy, learning difficulties and mental disorders in the museum.

Museum, a place for all is a programm for museum non-users or for all those people who can’t visit on their own. The programm has the commitment and collaborates with other cultural, educational and social institutions in widening the access of people to culture. Thus the museum becomes a promotor of participation that contributes to the develompment of strategies to eliminate physical, communication’s and relationship’s barriers and to avoid any kind of social, cultural, physical, cognitive, economic and sensorial exclusion.

Social benefits
– Promotes the social and communitary development, based on diversity and on the equality of rights
– Increases the social habilities
– Reduces social isolation
– Favours a more positive perception of their reality

Personal benefits
– Promotes the interest for the arts and cultural events
– Works on the expression and creativity of each person
– Developes confidence and self-esteem
– Strengthens the development of autonomy and personal habilities

Educational benefits
– Give new resources and new strategies to social educators that can be applied to their everyday work
– Develops the cognitive and sensorial habilities
– Encourages the solution of problems in a creative way
– Increases specific knowledge and promotes the development of new ideas

Economic benefits
– Creates a network between institutions and professionals
– Increases and diversifies the visitors of the museum
– Attracks new financial resources

You can visit our website more information: Portraits. The Museum: common ground for integration

OPEN ALL AREAS BARCELONA // Teresa González on Vimeo.

Teresa González
Head of Education Department
Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

Fina Alert
Director of the Susoespai, creativity and mental health association


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