Guide us into arts

The objective of the GUIA project is the exchange of experiences, knowledge and methodology in artistic activities with people with disabilities. The project gathers people with disabilities and all people who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in working with them using artistic tools. The project includes international inclusive workshops and artistic creativity festivals for people with disabilities.

Six partner meetings were held during the Project. They included the following: Continue reading


HOW DO YOU MEASURE EMOTION? Some conclusions on the Open All Areas Barcelona meeting

In the final session of this event, the organizers proposed to the assistants that the task of putting together the conclusions on the many different issues we had been discussed should be a participatory one.

We parted in four groups and each one defined the 4 or 5 main ideas that they were taking home with, which were in turn shared and put together. Continue reading

Eclèctic. Festival of arts performing from the disability. Tarragona

In May of 2013 was the third edition of the eclectic arts festival from disability, driven by four theater groups linked to organizations of persons with disabilities (from cerebral palsy to cognitive disabilities, from visual impairment to mental illness ), and the areas of Culture and Equality Policy of the Council of Tarragona, hosting a total of 15 performances .

Eclectic is part of a strategy to promote citizenship and is based on the following beliefs: Continue reading

Apropa Cultura


It’s a socioeducative program of social inclusion through culture coordinated by the L’Auditori.

It’s for social centers and associations who work with people in risk of social exclusion.

It facilitates access to these groups to the public and usual programme of the now 30 auditoriums, theaters and festivals members of the program with a reduced price of only 3 euros. And this year we have incorporated museums to the programm. Continue reading